Winter Coffee Drinks and Recipes to Warm Up With

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Cold fall and winter evenings ahead? Try these five hot coffee drinks from around the world to warm up your nights.
Cold nights, cold hands. Warm coffee. 5 coffee recipes to warm you all over. Ahh.

The cold weather is finally here and these frosty nights call out for something warm to drink. Curious to see what could be found that was different, I tried searching for coffees based on a country theme.

I found these five, one of which is an old standby, that look tasty as well as easy to make.

Pair these up with a dinner or dessert from the same country and you’ll truly have an evening with international flair.

Delicious Pakistani Coffee

Pakistani coffee has some of the usual ingredients you find in flavored coffees – cinnamon and cardamom – but it's all in the stirring and mixing that makes the difference. There we say, it could be even a restful thing to do?

Pakistani coffee doesn’t take very long to prepare. It uses some ingredients you probably already have if you’re used to making flavored coffees. What you want to look into getting are cardamom pods, because you break those open and throw them in for extra flavoring.

But an important thing about Pakistani coffee is that it’s a social activity. Made in large pots with constant stirring, it’s commonly found in many local shops. With all the stirring needed for the frothy top, it might even be a stress reliever. (See how to make it here.)


Pumpkin Café de Olla, Mexican coffee with a fall flavor

Try this Mexican coffee that is a mix of clove, cinnamon, and milk. For a twist, add pumpkin to bring the fall in.

For a touch of coffee from our neighbors south of the border, this Mexican coffee uses clove, cinnamon, and milk. But there’s an added twist.

To make it a real fall drink, pumpkin has been added. This makes for a real nice change from the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. Find out more here.

Here’s How to Make Real Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee can be a real treat when it's made correctly. Learn how to here.

To really make great Turkish coffee you really don’t need many items. Just make sure that you have extremely fine ground coffee, good water and patience. And maybe a lot of sugar depending on your audience. . .

Make authentic Turkish coffee by learning the tips and tricks that only a mother can pass on. Don’t have a Turkish Ibrik to make your coffee? Not a problem, get one here at Amazon.

Italian Cream Coffee

Want a fun Italian coffee to drink? This one is pretty easy to make and it goes great after dinner. With cream, chocolate and sprinkles, it might even make a nice dessert on its own!

Usually when you think Italian coffee you think espresso. But Here’s a drink that’s called a Bricerin and it’s an Italian coffee with chocolate, coffee and cream.

It’s a potently high calorie coffee so it may not be something you will be drinking every morning. But you’ll certainly want to be brewing it up for some of these cold nights.

The REAL Irish Coffee

And of course, we can't forget everyone's favorite, a nice tall Irish coffee. With three easy ingredients of coffee, Irish whiskey and heavy cream, it's a snap to brew up.

A nice, tall Irish coffee served in the appropriate glass. That’ll make you warm in a nice cold winter evening. Using Irish whiskey, strong coffee and heavy cream this won’t take very long to make.

Make sure to check out her tip of using the bottom of a spoon when pouring the cream to get the cream to float on top. And don’t forget that sort of whipped cream on top.

If you’re in need of the appropriate glass, here’s a very nice selection on Amazon.

It’s time for those cold winter nights when we’ll all be in
need of a nice warm drink. Here are 5 fun international drinks
to experiment with.

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