The Ultimate Cold Coffee Drinks Guide

201+ coffee drinks for your mixing pleasure. image source:Canva

Summer’s here and that means sitting by the pool, baking in the sun, backyard barbecue and steaming hot cup of coffee.

No, whaddya mean, no?

Need that caffeine boost but it’s way too hot for the regular cup?

Believe me, I get it.

I figured that just writing a list of a few recipes wasn’t going to cut it. I wanted to find enough to last until the kids go back to school.

So, without further ado…

Get ready to dive in with these 201+ cool coffee drinks. With more than a summer’s worth of drink recipes, this is just the thing to help you keep your cool at the pool or tooling around town. Included are a few with a touch of alcohol to make those hot summer nights dreamy.

Better than the barista – Think you can’t make better tasting cold coffee concoctions than your local coffee shop? Because Momfabulous says you can, these 15 drinks will have you thinking again.

image source:Canva

Go coast to coast for your summer drinks These 15 look great but don’t come with a recipe. The ingredients are included so you’re going to have to do a little experimenting. Hey, that’s what’s fun about summer. More stuff to play with!

Quick recipes with a minimum of chatter – 18 summer drinks from, conveniently enough, a supplier of roasted coffee beans, tea, and assorted flavorings. Save this one in case you can’t get your supplies locally.

Drinks, dinner and desert – 75+ drinks, a few desserts and a couple of beef rubs to eat along with them! The page kept scrolling and I lost count. Some of the recipes call for cold brewed coffee and the Takeya Coffee maker on Amazon makes an easy quart to carry you through. Enjoy!

Show your wallet some loveSix summer time coffee drinks that are kind to your wallet. These range from standard cold brew to rich, creamy diet destroying caffeine and sugar bombs. What’s not to love?

Martha’s kind of holding out on usBecause there are only 7 drinks here, not the 17 promised, and you have to scroll through a lot of nonsense desserts (did I just say that?) I wasn’t going to add the list. But those 7 look pretty good. What the heck, we’ll let bygones be bygones.

image source:Canva

Why waste time with a separate piece of pie and cup of coffee? – Here’s a collection of 21 diet demolishing deliciousness guaranteed to make you wish you had run that 5 miles this morning! These look so good they make my teeth scream in surrender.

Sometimes the basics are all you need7 reasonable and tasty drinks to enjoy this summer with friends. Some of the drinks are shaken so the Optimum Bar Cocktail shaker on Amazon is a quick and easy way to get the drink chilled quickly. Careful though, the first and last are alcoholic drinks. Watch the kids around the “iced tea.”

Fox News Magazine comes in from the right – They deliver a selection of 9 from around the web, though again, two of them aren’t really drinks. But hey, they work. Which means I should cut Ms. Stewart some slack.

Get your twitch onCool Mom Picks delivers the goods with these 6 cool summer drinks. Looking for easy and tasty? Here they are! Hint: scroll down to the last one for a Greek coffee drink that uses instant coffee of all things.

Seriously Crazy about iced coffee? – Check these out for 8 different ways to make cold brew and iced coffee that you’ll love. If you want to make more than one cup, the Takeya Coffee maker can make a quart of cold brew.

If you really get into it, Amazon has the The Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer that makes it easy to make a larger batch.

Need some variation on the cold brew theme?Ok, so you’ve no doubt noticed there were a few (a lot?) cold brew coffee recipes. Here are 3 combos showing what else you can make if you want to change up your cold brewed coffee habit. Don’t forget, you can always use cold brew in place of the regular brewed coffee in the other recipes as well.

image source:Canva

Did I say just 3? – Need more? Here, let me help you out with these 3.

Sea salt, chocolate and caffeineFrom sea salt and Oreos to donuts and coffee, this collection of 12 drinks will entice you escape the premium coffee shop hamster wheel.  

You won’t need very much in the way of equipment to make these drinks. In fact, you’ve probably got everything you need. But still, there are some things that make it easier, like this French press, available on Amazon, from Sterling Pro.

And you’re going to need some ice cubes for some of the drinks. To keep the ice from watering down the coffee or to avoid having to make the coffee way too strong, try coffee ice cubes to cool it all down.

  • Using the coffee of your choice, pour some of it into ice cube trays and pop them in the freezer. This can be left over coffee or just brewed. Make sure it’s the same as the coffee you’re using in the drink and let it cool before freezing. 
  • Use separate trays so that you don’t get any residual coffee flavor in your regular water cubes.
  • Once frozen, you can store them in freezer bags – so you can make more, of course – or just leave them in the tray for use.


Here we go, Starbucks wants to help:


And speaking of Starbucks, because you don’t always want to be making coffee:

Starbucks’ loaded hidden menu – Think Starbucks just sells Fraps, Caps and Americanos? Uh uh, check out this secret menu. Not sure if they’re available at all locations, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. I know, these aren’t make at home drinks. But I had to include it when I came across the list. I know some of you will find it useful.

Why let the goodness of coffee (and caffeine) fall by the wayside this summer? Fire up your phone or tablet and get the whole list to keep you cool by the pool or wherever else the season takes you, for the entire summer, day and night.

Just make sure you keep the ice cube tray full.

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