Coffee on Tap? You Betcha If It’s Nitro Coffee

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Hey, are you kinda health-conscious and wondering how you can control your sugar intake in your daily coffee?

Or, maybe you’re just curious about the latest and greatest coffee buzz creator?

Now you can really relax with your brew without the added cream and sugar. All you have to do is just make sure your barista puts your coffee on Nitro.

Nitro coffee is one of the latest coffee drinks with a special twist or shall we say kick. It’s on tap, nitrogen infused, cold and foamy.

It may even be like one of your favorite beers because it mimics the “Guinness look.” That’s the thick foamy head on top of the dark drink below.

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What Makes Your Coffee One of the Nitro breed?

Starting with cold brew coffee, not iced coffee, your barista has pressurized and infused a keg of the stuff with nitrogen. Then he or she serves it via draught. It comes out foamy and then starts to settle out into a liquid. The foam cascades throughout the liquid creating quite a show.

It looks pretty but this isn’t all for show. The nitrogen makes the coffee creamy and slightly sweet. So for those of you readers who wince at the thought of naked black coffee, Nitro coffee may be just your brew. The nitrogen even takes some of the bitterness away.

Where Did Nitro Coffee Come from?

Nitro coffee creation is claimed by two coffee vendors, Cuvée Coffee in Austin (2011) and Stumptown Coffee Roasters (2013) in Portland.

Doesn’t matter though, the brew has gained so much popularity, Starbucks has decided to get into the act. 500 corporate locations will soon be serving their version of Nitro coffee this year. You can even buy canned from some coffee retailers.

Expect to pay a little more for Nitro coffee. Average prices seem to hover around five dollars per cup. Not too surprising for a specialty drink especially one that’s so popular and relatively new.

What’s It like Caffeine Wise?

Here’s the thing: you may end up with more of a caffeine high with Nitro coffee. it’s not the nitrogen but the coffee brewing process that’s causing it.

The coffee used is cold brewed for 12 to 18 hours, so more coffee is extracted. More extraction, more caffeine. This is the reason for the heady buzz.

But because Nitro is so easy to drink, it could be easier than usual to drink too many and get a little bit more wired than you’re used to.

Where Can I Find Nitro Coffee?

If you want to try out Nitro coffee, here are some shops are around the country:

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters in Sacramento

Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Portland, Oregon

Cuvée Coffee – Austin

Royal Blue Grocery – Austin

Beatrix at River North – Chicago

Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Cafe in Madison

Deeper Roots – Cincinnati

Quixotic Coffee – St. Paul

District: Donuts. Sliders. Brew – New Orleans

Omi’s Coffee Portland, Maine

And coming up, 500 of Starbucks’ corporate locations around the country.

Can I Make Nitro at Home?

If you’re looking for a DIY method, the NitroBrew Home Brew kit is a compact setup. Your next best bet is to check in with your local home brew beer shop. They might be able to help with the gear and training.

If you don’t have someone local, try Keg Outlet, an online homebrew retailer. They seem pretty familiar with the process.

One thing I suggest is skip the YouTube videos. If it’s not from a retailer or a vendor, then it’s someone probably using nitrous oxide as the foaming agent in the cold brewed coffee. You won’t be getting the same results as you would from using true nitrogen infusion.

Forget DIY, Can I Still Get Nitro Coffee at Home?

Yep. Want to serve it at home but don’t want to go to the work of brewing, infusing and kegging yourself? Some shops offer Kegerator service. You can order a Kegerator of Nitro coffee for your next party, and then pull your own Nitro coffees without the hassle. Or you can get it from Cuvée Coffee and Stumptown Coffee Roasters, mentioned above, in a six pack.

So, think it’s time to jazz up your coffee routine?

Get yourself over to your favorite barista and tell them “put it on Nitro” and go for the foam.

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    Thanks again and let us know if you (or your readers) have any questions!

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