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Mazzer Mini Electronic doserless coffee grinder
Coffee shop quality at home from the Mazzer Mini Electronic doserless grinder
Updated 2/3/2017
Grind fast. Brew fast. Espresso drinker? Then you know that’s what you need for a great espresso. Over 40 seconds and you’re losing a lot of what a bean has to offer.

Speed is what you need.

But most coffee grinders that can do this sound like jets taking off when doing the crucial work.

How about quiet with the speed?

The Mazzer Mini Electronic Doserless coffee grinder delivers speed and quiet. But at a higher price than most grinders.

Is it yours?

Let’s dive in with a Mazzer Mini Doserless grinder review and find out.

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What Is the Mazzer Mini Doserless?

This is Mazzer’s entry level prosumer coffee grinder. A low end business/high end home grinder, the Mazzer Mini Doserless comes in two models: the Type A and Type B.

They do a couple of things differently but otherwise are identical. I’ll cover those shortly.

One thing first…

The Mazzer Mini Doserless Vs Doser. What’s That All About?

The difference between the two styles is the lack of a doser or grounds collection box below the chute and a handle to rotate a doser on the doserless model.

The electronic models that I’m reviewing here have “Electronic Automatic Dosing” as Mazzer calls it.

Technically, if not physically, they are doser grinders. But without the shortcoming of grounds retention which introduces bean oil rancidity into your coffee or espresso.

What Sets the Mazzer Mini Electronic Apart?

There are several things that make these Mazzer Minis stand out.

Both Mazzer Mini coffee grinders have:

  • 64mm steel flat burrs for a big bite of beans.
  • Direct drive low 1600RPM motor so there is little heat build up to damage the beans.
  • Stepless grind settings to allow extreme fine tuning of your grind.

Steel Flat Burrs

The big 64 mm flat burrs are made of Swedish hardened steel. They’ll take a big chomp of beans and then make short work out of grinding them.

As I’ve said before, a burr grinder is your best choice when it comes to coffee grinding. Want to know why? Read Want Better Coffee? Use a Quality Coffee Grinder and find out.

One of the never-ending arguments between the choices of conical or flat burrs is heat buildup. I’ll explain in just a moment why that’s not a concern with the Minis.

A tip regarding the burrs: Just like your frying pan, they’re going to need some “seasoning.” All this entails is running beans through the grinder. Most recommendations are for 3-5 kilos (≈6.6-11 pounds) of beans.

Figure about a month or so, depending on your usage. You’ll be readjusting a bit during that time. Once the burrs get set to each other, you’re done with that phase. There shouldn’t be any movement to correct for after that.

Direct Drive Motor

The motor is a direct drive style pulling 250 watts. It’s got plenty of power and seems to indicate the Minis were originally targeted to commercial use.

It runs at 1600RPM. This is a relatively slow grind speed for a flat burr grinder. This makes the grinder quieter while preventing the heat buildup that can essentially re-roast the beans.

This ends the argument over heat buildup, at least with the Mazzer Minis.

To protect the motor in the event the burrs run into something they can’t grind, like a pebble, both Minis have an overload switch that will turn the unit off.

Stepless Grinding

As mentioned, grind settings are stepless so you can really dial in your grind. Almost an infinite selection, but there’s a downside.

There are no presets. If you change back and forth between grinds for different beans, you have to mess around to get the settings again. Marking the collar may help.

This isn’t a terrible problem though you will waste a little coffee in getting everything dialed in.

A note on adjusting the grind: A little adjustment goes a long way. A half notch on the collar equals about a gram of coffee. That makes a big difference in the final brew. So, no big swings here or the result could be a surprise.

And yes, the adjustment ring is fairly firm and it’s on purpose. The idea is to keep it set without vibrating away from your setting. There is a removable arm to help get some leverage.

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What Else Do They Have in Common?

Both units come with the standard hopper. The standard holds 1.3 pounds of beans. This means the grinders stand 18.5 inches tall.

If this is too tall, there’s an optional hopper available that is 1 1/2 inches shorter. It comes without the cover and the valve gate. Just use the ones that came on the standard hopper.

To make changing between beans easy, the hopper has a valve gate that can be shut before pulling the hopper off. This does leave some beans in the burrs, but they’re easily removed.

The power switch is on the lower right side and the power cord comes from below the base on each unit.

Mazzer Mini Electronic A vs B What’s the Difference?

The only thing different between the two is how you select your grind doses and how you adjust them. Both Mazzer Minis control dosing by time. Dosing levels can be adjusted between 4g and 16g on both units.

Type A

On the Type A, the controls are on top of the chute lid. Two buttons let you select a single or double grind.

The buttons are programmable for time if the default settings aren’t to your liking. There is a center button that you can hold and grind as much as you want or top off if needed.

A note: the single shot button isn’t, by default, 1/2 the amount of coffee as the double shot button. You’ll need to experiment to dial that in if it needs to be that exact for you.

The lid on the A unit has a clip so that you can clip it to the chute. Good idea so you don’t set it down and damage the electronics in the lid.

When grinding the coffee, the A will easily dump the grounds right in the middle of the portafilter. A little less mess and waste.

Type B

On the Type B, the controls are on the body of the grinder below the chute. You control it by pressing the timer button once (single shot) or twice (double shot). You do this with the portafilter when you set it in the bracket.

There is a screw for single and double shot adjustments. A regular flat head screwdriver will take care of it. One full turn of a screw equals about 1 second of grind time. And one second equals about 1 gram of coffee grounds.

The B tends to fill a little further back into the portafilter. This is because the shot switch tends to push the filter a little forward. You’re going to get more spillage on this unit.

They both grind extremely fine for espresso but you may want to avoid Turkish grind. Some users say Turkish will clog the grinder. They don’t do a very good coarse ground for French press but you get a good grind for drip coffee

Are They Easy to Clean?

Both units are easy to take apart to clean. Easy to reassemble too.

You can clean the burrs with Grindz cleaning tablets and the included brush.

When you clean the burrs:

Turn the adjustment wheel towards the coarse setting. Keep turning a few times until they come loose. Now you can pull the upper section out to clean both upper and lower burrs.

My post, 3 Tips to Keep Your Grinder in Tip Top Shape, will get you going.

When you put them back together, be careful of the fine threads. You don’t want to cross thread them.

Here’s a tip:

  • Put the top burr on.
  • Press down a little and rotate towards the coarse direction.
  • Turn until you hear it click. That’s when the threads drop into alignment.
  • Stop and rotate towards the fine direction.

You will need to recalibrate once you put them back together. Recalibration is pretty easy; just grind a few rounds of beans while you readjust the grinder.

Every grinder Mazzer makes gets tested with real beans before it ships. Because it’s not possible to get every last grain out, your new Mini might have some coffee in it when you get it.

Where is the Mazzer Mini Doserless Made?

The Mini is made just outside Venice, Italy. Since 1948 Mazzer has supplied coffee grinders to all sizes of espresso bars and coffee houses in 90 countries.

Need to get in touch?

Mazzer Luigi S.p.a.
Via Moglianese, 113
30037 Gardigiano di Scorzè
Venezia – Italy


+39 041 5830200
+39 041 5831300

It’s Pricey, but How Durable Is It?

Because they’re made of one piece die cast aluminum, the frame and body will last a long time. This construction helps cut down on motor noise as well.

Vendors say Mazzer grinders are made to last. The biggest replacement cost may be the burrs which do need to be replaced as they wear down eventually.

What’s Not to Like?

A couple of things are problematic, but may not be deal breakers for you. First off, no presets for grinder settings. If you’re only grinding one bean type at one grind setting, no big.


If you decide to do a grind for another coffee type, there’s going to be some fiddling to get back to the first setting. There’s no way for the grinder to remember where you had it set. You can try marking the setting point on the collar.

Like all grinders, there’s going to be a little mess to clean up. Static can be controlled only so much. But the timer button position makes the Type B is a little messier because it bumps the portafilter forward. This causes some grounds to overflow.

Where Can I Buy the Mazzer Mini?

The Mazzer can be purchased at a number of larger restaurant stores. It can also be found by clicking here on Amazon where you can take advantage of quick service, great return policy and free shipping.

It comes with a 1 year warranty from Mazzer. An extended warranty may be available from the vendor.

What’s the Verdict?

The Mazzer Mini has been described as being built like a tank. With its one piece construction and 22 pound weight, it feels like one. But that can also mean it’s sturdy and well built.

There are a couple of issues, but not enough, I think, to make you want to pass on this grinder. Asking if you need one this powerful is a fair question.

Is it overkill? Maybe, but it appears to be well thought out and well built. Paired up with the right coffee or espresso maker like the Rancilio Silvia or Profitec Pro 700, they should provide great service for years.

Because it’s gaining a lot of popularity among coffee aficionados for its solid construction and grinding quality, the Mazzer Mini Electronic is definitely worth your consideration.

Especially if you’re a dedicated espresso drinker.

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Mazzer introduced the Mazzer
Mini Electronic Doserless as
it’s entry level grinder. A
solid pro-sumer grinder with
a lot going for it.
Read about it here.

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10 Responses

  1. Linda

    This Mazzer Mini coffee grinder sounds amazing for all those coffee lovers. It sounds like a well-built machine.
    It may be a little pricey but think of the money you would save making coffee with your own ground coffee beans.
    Sounds like real fun. Now you won’t have to make those expensive coffee trips to the local coffee shops.
    Great informative article.

    • Bob

      Hi Linda, exactly my thinking. Great coffee at home, whenever you want it! Thanks for wheeling by!

  2. Martin

    Thanks for helping me decide what I want for Xmas. I want one of these. I’ll just sit back now and wait for Santa otherwise I’ll have to buy one for myself in January. I’ve already tried to get my boss to buy one of these for the office, but he just said “what’s wrong with a kettle?”. Some people have no idea do they.

    • Bob

      Hey Martin, I hope Santa treats you well coffee-wise! Give your boss some real fresh grind coffee. He’ll see the light. Thanks for reading!

  3. Elizabeth

    Thanks for writing such a thorough review. I think that this might be the perfect gift for my dad. He is sort of a coffee snob, lol. But I guess I am too. He raised me right after all! Does it have to ship back to Italy if something is wrong and it needs to be fixed? Or is there warrenty service in the US?

    • meredith

      Hi Elizabeth. If the Mazzer is bought from an authorized dealer, like those on Amazon, they will take care of the warranty service. It still involves shipping the unit, but it stays in the US.

  4. George

    This is something I hope to be able to purchase some day. It’s pretty pricey, but I love espresso and making all kinds of coffee drinks at home. This would be amazing to have! Thanks for the detailed review!

    • Bob

      Hi George, you’d love the Mazzer for espresso. It can really get the find grind needed. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Sharon

    You won me when you said ‘quiet’. There’s nothing quite like waking to the aroma of coffee in the morning, but the my reality is waking to my husband noisily grinding beans beforehand. He’s a mad coffee connoisseur and has been hinting at one of these. I believe you’ve just solved my problem!

    • meredith

      Hi Sharon,
      Yikes! Quiet goes really well with morning coffee. Glad to hear you’ve got another gift taken care of. Thanks for stopping by!

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