Jura Impressa S9: The Coffee Machine That’s Waiting for You

Jura Impressa S9
Jura Impressa S9 – Multiple selections of premium brewed coffee and espresso waiting for you

Update December 7, 2016: the Jura Impressa S9 is no longer being manufactured. However, there is now the option on Amazon of buying a refurbished Jura S9. These are available at a substantial savings. Since the Jura S9 is available on Amazon in that respect, you’re still getting all those great Amazon benefits.

The links provided in the following article link to Amazon vendors who are offering the refurbished units.

Just make sure you check their warranty information before purchasing. Most Jura Authorized dealers will offer a one year Factory Warranty.

Fresh brewed coffee in the morning is great, isn’t it? Not so great is having to get everything setup to have it all ready for you to brew.

Yes I know, you have automatic machines for your regular coffee so it’s ready in the morning. But how about your espresso? Your cappuccino?

I thought not.

Wouldn’t it be great if your super automatic did that for you?

Now, with the Jura Impressa S9, you can have your cups warmed and the machine ready to brew that first cup of the day once you wake up.

That’s how to start the morning.

How does the S9 go about serving that first cup up to you?

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Glad you asked…


What Is the Jura Impressa S9 Machine?

The Jura S9 is the flagship model of the S series super automatic coffee makers made by Jura. Alternately called a bean to cup machine, a super automatic is an all-in-one coffee machine.

At the touch of a button, everything is done for you – from grinding the beans to heating and brewing your coffee and even, if you prefer, making your cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Similar to other Jura machines, the S9 does offer several nice features that the other units don’t have. These include automatic on/off with day of the week select, one touch coffee making, a larger water tank and a larger bean hopper.

It comes with the proprietary Jura Aroma system that includes a pre-infusion cycle that extracts more flavor and aroma out of your coffee beans.

Ready to dive into some more?

Does the Jura S9 Have an Automatic On/Off Feature?

Yes, it does. You can now have your coffee maker waiting for you rather than standing around waiting for it.

It’s 24 hour programmable and you can also select days of the week to have it turn on. This is nice if you’d like to be able to select different on/off times for particular days of the week.

While on, the Jura uses 40 W of power. When it enters standby this drops to 20 W and then to 15 W. This is fine if it gets used throughout the day. But, as you can see, it’s still using power.

But if it’s not going to be used for a certain length of time, it also can be programmed for auto shutoff. Programmable in 15 minute increments, it can be set to go off in ½ hour to 15 hours. This is a great feature because it’s a better energy saver than sleep mode and covers the forgetful amongst us (ahem…)

And anyway, it doesn’t take that long for the unit heat up and be ready to go. In about two minutes, you can have your 1st cup of coffee.

What Kind of Grinder Does It Use?

The grinder is a steel conical burr type and it uses Jura’s Aroma + grinder technology. This means it grinds twice as fast and is quieter. The grinder is important because the better and fresher the grind, the better the coffee drink. Burr grinders do a much more complete grind of the beans when compared to blade grinders.

The grinder also supports six settings so you can get a fine grind for your espresso or up to a coarse grind for other coffee drinks.

The bean hopper holds 9.9 ounces of beans and can warn you when it’s just about empty. As part of the Aroma + System, the hopper has a lid that seals.

There’s a by-pass doser for those times when you want to use a pre-ground coffee like decaf.

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How Long Do I Have to Wait Between Heating the Milk and Heating Water?

The Jura S9 uses Thermoblock boiler heating technology. To cut down the time between heating the milk and heating the brewing water, it uses two boilers. One for water, and one for milk. You’re not able to use water and milk at the same time, however, you don’t have to wait for the process to move from coffee to milk prep.

That’s not all…

What Are the Standard Features On the Jura Impressa S9?

To help keep your coffee nice and hot, there’s a cup warmer on top of the machine that passively uses the heat from the Thermoblock boilers.

For your espresso drinks you’ll want to know that the pump is a 15 bar high-performance pump which is self priming.

The dual spout on the left-hand side is height adjustable and can accommodate most travel mugs. As you can probably guess, the dual spout can fill either two glasses at the same time or double up to fill one. This spout is for coffee and espresso.

The water tank holds 90 ounces of water and can be filled at the machine. It also has a handle so it can be removed and filled at the sink. Sensors alert you to when it’s time for more water, but the tank is clear so you can monitor that way too.

The drip tray and the dregs box are both large capacity and slide out together. The drip tray has sensors on it that will warn you when it’s time to empty the tray. The dregs box can hold up to 16 pucks. Note: a puck is the compacted espresso coffee grounds.

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What Else Does the Jura S9 Do?

With a single button push you can make:

  • 1 cappuccino/latte macchiato
  • 2 coffees
  • 1 coffee
  • 2 ristretti
  • 1 ristretto
  • 2 espressi
  • 1 espresso

These are the preprogrammed drinks but you can program it for nine different drink specialties.

The best part is that the S9 lets you customize your cup of coffee in terms of strength and temperature. This is what Jura calls Café Ala Carte. You can customize:

  1. The brew strength of your coffee in five settings – from extra strong through extra mild
  2. The amount of water used for a coffee drink – in .5oz settings up to 8oz
  3. The brewing temperature in two settings – normal and high
  4. The hot water temperature via three settings – low, normal and extra high

And, if you want, you can bypass the menu to customize the settings even more. This is done by pressing and holding one of the control buttons. Once this setting is where you want it, press the button again and that programs it for the next go ‘round.

What’s the Automatic Frother All About?

This is the spout on the far right-hand side of the S9 and it’s for milk based drinks like cappuccino. For the non-coffee drinkers, you can get heated milk for hot chocolate and hot water for tea. The milk is dispensed from the front spigot and hot water or espresso is dispensed from the back spigot.

The dial on the front of the spout controls whether you get hot milk, steamed milk, or frothed/foamed milk.

Drop the siphon tube into a container of milk and this makes milk based coffees a one-button process as well. It also makes it easy to make non-coffee drinks like hot chocolate.

If you prefer, you can add Jura’s thermal milk holder which will keep your milk cold for up to five hours. Or, if you need it to remain colder longer, you can use their refrigerated table top milk cooler. These are both closed and sealed units so not only does your milk stay cold, it stays fresh.

How Easy Is It to Clean?

The Impressa S9 is pretty easy to clean and maintain. In fact, the system will tell you what needs to be done. But even better, it handles some of the chores on its own.

For example, it will automatically clean the coffee and milk system every time it’s powered on or off. This helps make sure there’s no buildup of dried coffee or milk. This buildup can block filters and the pathway for both milk and coffee.

It will prompt you at around 220 coffee preps to clean it. Drop a cleaning tablet into the bypass doser, press the maintenance button and it’s done 20 minutes later.

If you have hard water in your area, you can program the S9 with that information. It will then tell you when to descale.

That’s good news, but there’s better news…

Do I Have to Descale the Jura S9?

Yes, but maybe no. It’s a relatively easy though somewhat long process. You can avoid the whole job to begin with and trust me, I wouldn’t blame you if you did. According to Jura, if you use the Claris water filter cartridges, you no longer need to descale. Just replace the filter every 2-3 months and you’re good to go.

Where Is the Jura S9 Made?

The Jura Impressa S9 is made in Switzerland and distributed through the US by Jura USA. The Jura exhibits all the Swiss ingenuity and quality that you’d expect.

Where Can I Buy a Jura?

You can buy the Jura at some kitchen specialty stores. But it’s also available on Amazon where you’re covered by Amazon’s return policy in addition to Jura’s.

And don’t forget Amazon’s free shipping.

The unit comes with the Jura Inc. 2 year warranty and is backed by a solid customer support desk in Montvale, New Jersey.

The majority of comments are pleased with the purchase with several mentions of many years of trouble free use.

Any Concerns to Be Aware of?

Some buyers have experienced some issues with the S9. Those generally revolve around leaks and dispensing that seems to quit after a length of time.

The problems with leaks seem to happen with the drip tray sensors. Keeping them dry and clean usually takes care of it. The dispensing issue is caused by clogged lines in the coffee and/or milk system. Keeping these clear and clean is important.

This has to be said. Machine servicing is pricey. It will cost around $250 to get the S9 checked out and fixed. The good part is that everything gets a once over, not just the problem at hand. Shipping and handling are covered by the fee. Fortunately, it isn’t a common problem as a majority of users report never having to go this route.

For the most part, regular maintenance and cleaning clears up most issues.

Ok Then, What’s the Final Word?

The Jura Impressa S9 is a well-designed super automatic coffee maker that builds on a proven design that has had continuous improvement over time. It comes with some noteworthy features.

The ability to make coffee drinks in one button press means coffee making is going to be a lot less hassle for you. The frothing system makes this process hands-free and plays well into the one-button plan when making your cappuccino or latte macchiato.

In addition, you can get hot water for tea, or hot milk for hot chocolate. A high capacity water tank, bean hopper, dregs/pucks box and drip tray mean less time keeping an eye on the basics.

Having the coffeemaker come on automatically and be ready to prepare your drink – from grinding the beans to brewing the coffee and even frothing the milk, means you’ll have a tasty, fresh start to your day.

So, if having quality coffee all prepared for you at home and skipping the trip to the coffee shop means something to you, then the Jura S9 is a machine to really consider.

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