Jura Capresso Impressa F7 Review 2018: Is It For You?

Jura Impressa F7
The Jura Impressa F7 is one button coffee and espresso. A flip of the switch gets you a creamy cappuccino.

Updated on March, 21 2018

Your coffee habit is costing you. Scary thought isn’t it?

And no, I don’t mean money, though that’s a concern. What I’m talking about is the price you’re paying for poor quality coffee.

For the same you spend every year to line the little mermaid’s pocketbook, you can have a Jura coffee maker and make spectacular coffee.



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What am I going on about?

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You may have come across the Jura Impressa F7 when shopping at your local big box store. Maybe being frustrated by not getting real help, just “advice” that sounds more like guesses, you’re now here.

I know exactly how you feel and I’m going to answer the questions you may have. I think this is a great unit for you to consider.

Let’s start with a few basic questions.

First off though…

Let’s Clear Up the Name

I was confused about the name too. The Jura Impressa F7 and the Jura Capresso F7 are the same machine. It’s made by Jura’s Capresso division, so it will get both names bandied about at times. In a little mind bending example, you’ll even see it listed as a Jura Capresso Impressa F7…

Same machine, same Swiss workmanship.

Ok, so now we have the players straight…

What is a Jura Capresso Machine?

If you’re even a moderately particular coffee drinker and are looking for something that will change your life, or maybe a little less drastically, at least your morning, then the Jura Capresso coffee maker is well worth looking into.

The F7 is one of the premier super automatic coffee makers on the market. A super automatic, or bean to cup machine as they’re sometimes called, means it’s an all-in-one unit. The Jura F7 grinds your beans, heats the water and brews your personal perfect cup of coffee.

The unit is one touch for coffee in 60 seconds.

 Where is the Jura Capresso F7 made?

Jura machines are made in Switzerland and distributed in the US by Jura Inc. Showing all of the Swiss precision we should expect, the F7 is a compact super automatic coffee maker that will easily sit on your kitchen counter.

 Fresh Ground Coffee Beans Are the Secret

Fresh ground coffee makes the best coffee and is far superior to the pre-ground coffee in the can or in any of the other pre-ground coffee brewing methods. There’s not much worse, as far as coffee is concerned, than a grind that’s been sitting around going stale.

So if you don’t have the space for a separate specialty coffee grinder and a coffee maker to prepare your morning coffee, the Jura fills the bill.

With the F7, each cup is freshly ground. So your coffee, cappuccino, espresso or whatever other coffee based drink you make will be the freshest it can be.

This is made to order coffee, not the stuff sitting in the pot for hours on end. You might argue that the coffee shops grind their own coffee. And they do, but not for every cup (otherwise a $4 cup would be history for sure) and this is the main point. Their ground coffee is still sitting around exposed to air and going stale. The stuff in their pot or thermal tank just sits until empty.

Oh yum…

With the Jura, yours won’t. It isn’t ground until you push the button and make you your choice.

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Is Cleanup Easy?

The machine even cleans up after itself when it’s done. I’m kidding, sort of. It will clean the milk and water lines but you get to clean up whatever you spill. Sorry.

Cleanup is easy though, it’s just a tablet drop away. Using the filtration recommended by Jura means descaling is now a thing of the past.

So what are you missing if you buy a Jura unit like the F7? First off you lose the filters. No pods, K cups or capsules either. A great way to go green if that’s something you’re interested in. You also get to miss burnt, oily coffee and the mess of cleaning pots.

What am I Getting That Makes Such Great Coffee?

Built in grinder for super fresh coffee – The grinder is Jura’s Aroma + design and is a conical burr type. A burr grinder is considered to be far superior to other types because its purpose is to grind the bean to an even and consistent pile of grounds.

A blade grinder, on the other hand, may just chop the same bean fragment multiple times until it’s dust. Or, just as bad, fewer times and it’s in inconsistent chunks. Neither of these make good, let alone great, coffee.

The Aroma + design helps keep everything fresh by sealing the bean hopper.

For those really into their coffee drinks, and I mean obsessively so, a separate grinder is an absolute must. That loud noise you hear in the coffee shop every time you go in? That’s the grinder. Now, after saying that, let me tell you the grinder in the F7 is quiet and fast. So don’t worry about your kitchen ending up sounding like a coffee shop’s barista station.

Strength and temperature selection for a precise cup – The unit has four selections for the strength of coffee you want and lets you control the brew temperature for different drinks. This is a great way to customize a cup of coffee for guests and family. Instead of a pot evaporating away on the heater all day, just dial in the strength desired and 60 seconds later, you have your perfect cup of coffee.

Power conscious? There’s no need to worry about power with the Jura. There is an energy saving mode and the power off is selectable in 15 minute increments up to 15 hours. Got someone minding the fort for a couple of hours and you want to make sure the unit goes off? Set it for up to 15 hours and you’re good to go. Or rather, they’re good to go.

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 Any Tricks to Getting My Best Cup?

  • Fresh ground coffee for better tasting coffee also means buying the best beans. Don’t get flavored or oily beans. These tend to gum up the works on any unit on the market. Though some people have used them successfully, it’s not recommended by Jura.
  • Practice making coffee! This one is tough, I know, but it’s the best way to make sure you have a handle on the machine before your “star turn” in front of friends and family. It’s not difficult, but you have so much control here. There are some things to learn and tinker with. Most though are set it and forget it once you’ve got it down.
  • On that note, if you make drinks with milk, consider getting Jura’s separate milk frother available from Amazon. It plugs in to the main unit and sits off to the side. It’s reported to be a cleaner and more convenient frothing arrangement than the wand.
  • Keep the machine clean. The F7 does a self-cleaning of the milk and coffee system every time you brew. But remember to stay on top of regular maintenance for the best quality. The machine makes that easy by telling you how and when to do the maintenance. It’s not hard, just drop a tablet of cleaner (from Amazon) in the water tank and you’re ready to go in 15 minutes.
  • If you’re wondering about tossing the grounds, it tells you when to do that too. There’s a holding tank that you can pull out and dump. Toss the grounds in the garden or your compost pile. Or sell them to your neighbor for the latest in face rejuvenation…

 Are they really worth the price?

Super automatics tend to be more expensive than a traditional coffee maker due to the additional coffee grinder and a ton of functionality. Things like programmability, ability to control coffee strength, and self-cleaning. Add to that a long, durable life; the Jura Impressa F7 appears to last 10 years or more.

But remember, we’re talking about making really great coffee and having a lot of control. A $30 Mr. Coffee doesn’t come anywhere near what you’re going to be getting here. Buyers feel the majority of coffee shops can’t even touch this.

Let’s Do a Little Math

Do you know how expensive your daily cup of Joe is? Ever put pencil to paper to figure it out?

I did. It wasn’t pretty. Expand that cost over the course of a year and you’ve spent some serious money.  And even worse, I don’t much care for the coffee I buy. Do you?

No, I don’t mean care about my coffee. Care about your coffee.

When I think of that cost, the price of a super automatic coffee maker doesn’t sound so bad anymore. Especially thinking that now I could have the great coffee anytime I wanted.

In a year, I calculated I could make a healthy contribution to a really nice unit. Those of us who drink more coffee could even buy a Jura in a year with the savings. If you’ve got a family of coffee drinkers, the savings could tally up pretty fast. 6 months anyone?

Ok, So Who’s it for?

Alright, for the person whose coffee/espresso interest borders on obsession (or strong passion if you will) the F7 probably won’t satisfy. Mainly because of the built-in grinder. For someone who’s aiming for perfection in their brew, a precision standalone grinder and a standalone coffee maker is going to be what they need to look for to really dial in their perfection.

But if you’re a coffee nut like me, and just want a great cup of Joe with just one button between you and your coffee, then the unit will be a great purchase. Fresh, with easy cleanup, the coffee will be better than what you’ve been buying.

Top that off with being able to customize your drinks and it’s a great experience you can share with others easily.

Where Can I Buy a Jura Impressa F7?

Buying the Jura F7 is simplicity itself. It’s available for a great price on Amazon. Comments all point to a great experience with the purchase. You’re covered by Amazon’s return policy as well as Jura’s warranty.

Jura Inc. gives you a two-year warranty. This is backed up with solid customer service located in Montvale, New Jersey. Comments reveal that issues are solved promptly.

Machine servicing is a little pricey at $250 but it’s quick with the unit being returned in great shape. The service fee covers shipping and handling. It’s not something you do often, if at all. Some users have never had the need for to send their unit in.

Are you tired of the inconvenience of driving to get a less-than-perfect cup of coffee at a premium price? Then the Jura Capresso Impressa F7 is your answer.

Here’s what you need to do next:

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The Jura Impressa F7 offers one touch coffee making.
It makes a number of milk based drinks as well.
Fresh ground coffee via its built in grinder.
Read it here.

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