Great Roadside Coffee Stands

These are fun coffee themed coffee shops around the US and Canada. In the US they were very popular in the '20s. But most fell into disrepair or were torn down. Some were restored and a new wave of shops has appeared over the last 10 years.
Mini shops that have Maxi coffee taste. Many can still be found on the highways and byways of the US and Canada.


Small coffee shops were a common attraction and dotted the highways and byways of the United States and Canada in the 1920’s and 30’s. For the traveler with a newly acquired car and taste for adventure, they were a welcome stop.

But as time marched on and the highways were displaced by the freeways, the little coffee shops were soon bypassed and forgotten by most travelers. They still had some local community traffic, but the vacationer and traveler was no longer stopping by.

Eventually, most of these went out of business and were torn down. There are some that have been renovated and turned into either historic displays or were returned to use as a working coffee shop.

We rounded up a few just for fun to get an idea of what’s out there on some of the side roads of Canada and America that are well worth dropping by and exploring.


The Coffee Pot – A Canada Roadside Attraction in Davidson, Saskatchewan

The Coffee Pot in Davidson, Saskatchewan celebrates the heritage of the town, community spirit in rural life.
The Coffee Pot


As a Canada Roadside Attraction in Davidson, Saskatchewan, the Coffee Pot is meant to symbolize
Davidson’s hospitality.

Made in 1996 out of sheet metal, the pot came about with great community effort. The scenes on the pot are of the heritage of the town, community spirit and the rural life.

More of Saskatchewan here.

The Coffee Pot in Bedford PA

The Coffee Pot in Bedford, Pennsylvania - The dilapidated 1925 coffee pot themed cafe was restored in 2003 and has a new home at the fairgrounds.
Bedford, Pennsylvania’s The Coffee Pot


One of the many coffee pot themed coffee shops that lined highways in the ’20s, The Coffee Pot is located in Bedford Pennsylvania.

It had fallen into direpair in later years, but the town of Beford decided to rejuvenate the old bit of history. The Bedford COunty Fair bought it for a dollar and restored it in 2004. It now sits proudly across the street from the fairgrounds.

See more here.

The Hot Spot Coffee Stop

Hot Spot Coffee stand. Looks like a one-(wo)man brew in a one-(wo)man percolator!
The Hot Spot Coffee stand – Arlington, Washington


In Arlington Washington, the Hotspot Coffee stop was cranking out coffee near a Chevron parking lot.

Located along Highway 530 near Interstate 5, the 12 foot shop opened in 2004. Originally setup as a franchise operation, sadly the Hotspot is no longer in business.


Need Coffee? Quick Stop

Here's a clever use of a small 2 person trailer. Travel and set up shop anywhere!
Detour Coffee’s mobile branch


Dundas, Ontario’s Detour Coffee has a mobile branch! This little two person trailer and now coffee stop is waiting for your call.


Espresso Simpatico Coffee Shop

The Espresso Simpatico coffee mug just waiting to serve up a nice brew on a beautiful Alaska morning.
The Espresso Simpatico in Seward, Alaska


Another little coffee themed shop, this time in the shape of a coffee mug. It’s in Seward AL and located at 1915 Seward Hwy. It sits in a lot next to a Safeway grocery store. The scenery creates a beautiful backdrop no matter which angle you shoot.

Once you’re done taking pictures, get your coffee in a bunch of different combos.

Oh, and espresso, Natch!



A collection of coffee themed
coffee stops and roadside
attractions. Located in the
US and Canada.

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