Gaggia Titanium – Flexible Enough For the Home or Office

The Gaggia Titanium Coffee Center offers great coffee, espresso and milk based coffee drinks for the home or office.

Looking for a flexible coffee solution for home or office?

The Gaggia Titanium may be your answer. Gaggia calls the Titanium a Coffee Center and with good reason. Giving you control over the grind size and strength, which allows you to customize your selection of coffee drinks, the Titanium is comfortable in the home and flexible enough for a small office.

What Is a Gaggia Titanium Super-Automatic Espresso Machine?

The Gaggia Titanium is an all in one unit that handles the whole process – from grinding your beans to brewing your coffee or espresso. It’s a mid-range machine and is quite popular.

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Here’s a breakdown of what the Titanium has to offer:

The bean hopper holds 8 1/2 oz. of beans and there’s a bypass doser for pre ground coffee. Pretty handy if you or someone in your household wants decaf or another kind of coffee and the hopper is full. Just use the 7 oz. scoop and drop the coffee in the bypass.

Press the brew button and away you go.

For grinding, the built-in grinder is a conical burr type with 18 adjustable settings. The burr grinder is considered to be the best style of coffee grinder

There are an additional five settings for the dosing adjustment that range between 6 to 9 grams. This means you can control the strength of the coffee as well as the grind size.

Using Thermoblock technology, the heating process is fast. The Titanium has two Thermoblock boilers. One is for brewing water and the other for steaming/frothing. The brewing boiler is stainless steel lined.

With two Thermoblock boilers, Gaggia has cut your wait time between brewing coffee and steaming or frothing the milk to almost nothing.

A cup warmer is situated on top which uses the heat from the boilers passively to heat up to 6 espresso cups.

The water tank is 60 oz. capacity and sits on the back of the Titanium. The unit spins on a lazy susan so it’s easy to get to all sides. The unit can be rotated to the front so the water tank can be pulled off and refilled, though it’s also possible to fill the tank while it’s attached to the unit.

The dual headed brew spout is adjustable. If you’ve got a couple of different cup sizes or mugs you can fit them under the spout. The dual head allows two small cups to be brewed at the same time.

For easy cleaning, the brew group is removable. It’s pulled out from the front. Remove the drip pan and the dregs box so you can swing the front door open to the right allowing you to pull the brew group out.

Can I Use this in a Commercial Setting?

The Gaggia Titanium is perfect for home use and would be suitable for a small office of 10 or so coffee drinkers. It isn’t a commercial unit so it wouldn’t be a good choice for large offices or a cafe.

Where Is the Gaggia Titanium Made?

It’s made in Italy at Gaggia’s Robecco sul Naviglio factory in Milan. The machines are serviced by Gaggia, USA in New York.

What’s the Secret to Good Coffee?

Fresh ground coffee is the big secret for the best made coffee. And the best way to get the freshest coffee is to do the grinding right before you brew.

There are two ways to do that. One is to use a standalone grinder or to use a super automatic machine that has an internal grinder. The Gaggia Titanium has an internal conical burr grinder so your beans are fresh ground on every cup.

What Am I Getting That Makes Such Great Coffee?

The Titanium has 5 programmable temp settings to get the coffee as hot you want. Pretty neat if you’ve got a household like mine that’s like the 3 Bears. Everyone can get what they want in terms of heat.

It’s so easy to customize any coffee drink to your preference.

To go along with the adjustable spout are 3 preprogrammed coffee volume buttons that you can easily reprogram to your desired cup or mug size.

You can program up to three different coffee or espresso brews so you don’t need to mess around with those settings in the morning rush.

And as mentioned before, the grinder has 18 grind settings and five doser settings to help you customize your coffee to get the coffee drink that you want in the strength that you desire.

Any Tips or Tricks to Getting My Best Cup?

It’s a good idea to use filtered or bottled water. You can use a filtered system like Britta. This helps keep some of the minerals and junk from getting in the lines and building up. A water softener is best if you want mineral free water.

Don’t rely on the unit to tell you when to descale. It’s recommended by Gaggia to descale every two months. They also say not to use vinegar or lemon juice for descaling. Use a chemical descaler recommended by Gaggia for best results and warranty protection.

Gaggia also recommends that you don’t use dark roast or oily beans in the unit. But that’s a common recommendation on all super automatic machines, not just particular to the Titanium.

The problem is that the oils cause coffee particles to stick together and create clogs. The oils also stick to seals and other components disrupting their performance.

Before frothing or steaming, purge the Panarello wand by swinging it around and down so that it points through the large hole in the right-hand side.  Purging will clear out any water in the wand before you start frothing your milk.

What’s the Gaggia Titanium Cleaning Routine?

Under normal usage the Titanium will tell you the kind of maintenance that needs to be done. But there are a couple of things that you can take on yourself to assure that you get the best performance.

One of the most important things to do is to make sure that you clean the brew group weekly. Cleaning the brew group makes sure that there isn’t any dried residual coffee that could block the water lines or ruin the flavor of your next cup. You can use hot water to rinse it out and then let it dry completely before using it again.

Also be sure to clean the Panarello wand after each use. Dried milk will often clog the line and prevent any steam or hot water from coming through.

These two cleaning tips will help prevent the dreaded Ventilate warning message. This particular warning usually means that water isn’t able to travel through the flowmeter and is being blocked somewhere. A third blockage type is an air bubble in the line which can be easily fixed by using the tool that is supplied in the accessories kit.

Does the Titanium Do Any Auto Cleaning?

The Gaggia Titanium doesn’t appear to clean the coffee circuit before each brew cycle like other super automatics. This may be the reason for the leaks mentioned by some buyers.

One user suggested doing a pre-rinse of the coffee circuit before each cup and before turning the machine off. This seems to have cleared up the problem for her. It really comes as no surprise, as old coffee can clog the coffee circuit if it accumulates and dries out creating a backup and leak.

Most of the problems reported by the negative reviews and ultimately worked on by service techs tends to center around unfamiliarity with the operation of a super automatic machine.

Keeping It Clean Solves a Lot of Problems.

Where Can I Buy a Gaggia Titanium?

The Gaggia Titanium espresso machine can be purchased at upper end kitchenware stores and also at Amazon where you get the protection of their purchase policies and free shipping.

Does Gaggia Offer a Warranty On the Titanium?

The warranty is a one-year warranty on parts and labor taken care of through Gaggia, USA. Be aware that if the machine is taken out of the US, that will void the warranty. Not sure I’d be packing one up and then go to Europe with it, but someone somewhere has probably tried.

Right then, so…

My Take on the Gaggia Titanium

Is the Titanium Worth the Price?

It appears to be a good value. It comes at an attractive price and is easy to use and maintain. The coffee and espresso that you get is reported to be very good. If you go out regularly for coffee, it shouldn’t take long to recoup the cost of the machine in savings.

The Gaggia Titanium is best for the home, though it is tough enough be used in a small office setting. Be aware, there are complaints but they don’t seem different from those you see for other super automatics on the market.

Ok, So Who’s It for?

Whether you’ve got 10 people at the office or two at home, Gaggia’s Titanium Coffee Center is a flexible solution.

It’s a great entry-level bean to cup machine for the person who wants the important automatic features but doesn’t need or want all the bells and whistles of the larger super automatics. Particularly if they’re just getting into upper end coffee and espresso making.

Great for small office coffee fans because it’s quick and produces a good, fresh cup of coffee. Perfect for the 10 minute break. And remember, it uses pre-ground coffee too, so staff can bring their own coffee.

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The Gaggia Titanium is a good fit
for the home or office. If you’re
looking for coffee house coffee
drinks, the Titanium is well
worth the look. Let’s talk about
it in the post.

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