Clobber Counter Clutter With a DIY Home Coffee Shop Counter

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There’s coffee making equipment in there, somewhere. Get it together in one spot and be happily brewing forever after.

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Kitchen counter getting a little crowded? Weary of trying to maneuver the coffee pot around the microwave and the blender?

How about a DIY project to help you get your coffee stuff organized into a cool home coffee shop counter? That way, you can get everything in one spot without having to mess around with the other kitchen gadgets.

It doesn’t need to take a lot of time to put together, in fact, just a couple of hours if you have access to everything you need.

Sound good?

Let’s get started pulling your new center together.

What Coffee Equipment Do I Need?

Here are the basics:

  • Beans
  • Burr grinder
  • Coffee maker
  • Scoop
  • Cups and mugs
  • Filters
  • Bean storage

Here are some extras that might come in handy:

  • An organizer to hold supplies
  • A milk frother if you like milk based drinks
  • Steaming pitcher for the milk
  • A scale to measure the beans. Be exact and keep improving your coffee
  • Tamper for espresso
  • Brush to clean the grinder
  • Cleaning tablets to clean the burrs on the grinder

Here are some options that you can expand horizons with:

  • Pour over dripper
  • Electric kettle for pour over dripper
  • French press
  • AeroPress
  • Super automatic coffee or espresso maker

Do I Need Everything at Once?

Nope. If you’re new to the coffee game, start with the basics list. A burr grinder, coffee maker and good, fresh roasted beans. From there, you can experiment and see which direction you want to go in.

You can choose to experiment with different styles of beans or the brewing method. There are other avenues of course, but these two will give you a wide range of experimenting fun.

For example, with the beans, you could try different types and roasts in the one particular coffee maker. You might find you have a taste for a particular roast of bean or country of origin. Here’s an intro to different bean types, Light or Dark Roast. Which Has More Caffeine? Surprise…

If you go the method route, use one style of beans but different ways to brew. You could try a French press one time and a pour over next to compare the differences. You might surprise yourself and find you like a brew made from an AeroPress versus a pour over.

You might even decide at some point to go the superautomatic route. Here, most everything is done for you at the press of a button.

How Much Does It Cost to Setup My Own Coffee Center?

Let’s figure you go with the basics to start. In this scenario, I’d suggest you split your budgeted amount between a coffee maker and burr grinder. This combination will make a huge difference in quality.

Wondering why a coffee grinder? Want Better Coffee? Use a Quality Coffee Grinder will answer that question for you.

For the basic coffee gear, you can figure $250 – 350 and up.

And I mean, up. In the options list, the prices can take off if you get serious about your coffee making. When you get to that point, coffee becomes a whole new experience rivaling the local coffee establishment.

Depending on the other pieces you buy out of the extras list, maybe another $200.

For the coffee counter itself, the sky’s the limit. . .

Can I Build My Own Coffee Shop Counter?

Sure you can. All you need are plans. And a hammer. Maybe a saw.

Check out this selection of ideas at

Some of these need to be built, others are refinishing jobs. Check out Pinterest for more ideas. But don’t think you need to go to that much work. You can easily find something suitable at garage sales, estate sales or other furniture disposal avenues. 

Check for restaurants or coffee shops that are remodeling. They might be thrilled to have you take a counter off of their hands. What’s nice about this route is that the counter is going to be just right.

Speaking of which, here’s a cool little project for a coffee table over at Double stack this for your coffee bar.

Don’t forget to check out Mom and Dad’s garage.

When you’re looking any of these over, make sure to add a little more space if you use an espresso maker too.

Once you have your table done, be sure to position it near electricity for safety. No extension cords and what not to trip over, Ok?

Ok, there you have it. Once you finish up, you’ll have a nicely organized coffee center that will be a joy to use and show off. On top of that, no more hassling around the other appliances on the counter.

Imagine. Early morning coffee being brewed and no pushing, shifting or lugging stuff around just to get to the coffee when it’s done.

I’d say that’s the way to center your day.

Clobber that counter clutter
with a DIY coffee center.

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