Cafflano Kompact is Fresh Squeezed Coffee



How does fresh squeezed coffee sound?

Yep, you heard me right, fresh squeezed coffee. A little odd, you say?

Well, if this Kickstarter campaign has its way, your coffee will trumpet its fresh squeezed goodness just like your OJ.

Enter the Cafflano Kompact. It’s a collapsible one cup coffee maker. Using press type coffee brewer “technology,” you fill the Cafflano with coffee and water. Pop on the filter and you’re ready to make some coffee.

You have your choice of either squeezing the Kompact or placing it on top of your cup and pressing.

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The coffee extraction is similar to using a French press. By pressing or squeezing the Kompact the water is forced through the coffee. This then strains into your cup.

You can use cold water too if you prefer iced coffee, though you’ll want to use a little more coffee for better coffee extraction and flavor.

Being collapsible means the Cafflano can be used almost anywhere. The Cafflano Kompact can make quick camp coffee or let you make your own style of coffee at work.

The Kickstarter campaign raised $36,000 which is $6000 more than they said was needed to start production. And, as you can imagine, all sorts of comments have come up.

People aren’t being shy about their comments with some people positively ecstatic about the little coffee maker. 

I guess it all depends on where you need your coffee…

Personally, I think it’s pretty slick to have when you’re outdoors. I hate dealing with coffee pots when hiking or camping. With the Kompact, all I need is hot water off the campfire. This could be a new take on camp coffee.

And better yet, you don’t need filters so it’s environmentally friendly.

You can even cold brew a single cup of coffee. Prepare the Cafflano with coffee and water. Then let it sit for a minimum of five hours. Most cold brews go between 12 and 18 hours. Then just squeeze to brew whenever you’re ready.

The Kompact is easy to clean according to Cafflano. The company says it only takes 30 seconds but the Kompact is also dishwasher safe.


Right now it’s only available in black, but once production ramps up, you’ll be able to get a Kompact in a rainbow of colors.

One thing I have to agree with the naysayers on. I’m not sure that making coffee in the car is the best idea.


Check it out here.

See other Cafflano products on Amazon.

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