12 Best Coffee Gifts for the Coffee Lover in Your Life

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This year, give your java head a gift they’ll really love.

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Looking for the best coffee gifts for a java head or two in your life?

There are tons of gadgets and widgets of all sizes and some are actually useful. With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to beat the crowds and start shopping.

But if you don’t get any direction and you’re not a coffee person yourself, it can be too easy to get something that’s not quite right.

The thing is, it can be downright overwhelming to wade through all the coffee related stuff out there.

How do you know which one to choose?

Not to worry. For the 12 days of Christmas, I’ve gathered together 12 of the best coffee gifts that will get a smile almost as big as that 1st cup of coffee.

These are the most desired gifts too. You won’t need to ask many sneaky questions to zero in on the perfect gift that you can be sure will be a smash.

So take a look and get ready to increase the fun and enjoyment of gift giving.

If you want to zoom to a specific gift, click the link in the table below

1. Super Automatic Coffee/Espresso Center

If your favorite coffee nut is spending $4 or more on the morning java fix, consider a well-respected machine like the Jura Impressa S9. Now, don’t cringe at the cost. On a daily basis, the money saved could pay for a very nice bean to cup machine like the Jura in as little as 6 months.

Most of these units make more than coffee. You can get espresso, several milk based drinks, hot chocolate and tea. They really are multi-purpose. Here’s my review comparing 3 popular sizes of super automatics.

2. Quality Burr Style Coffee Grinder

The best coffee comes from the best beans that have been fresh ground. Make the morning cuppa fresher and better tasting by giving a quality burr grinder. They can be found in both manual and electric models.

Read my comparison review on the favorite Baratza Virtuoso and Preciso models. I’ve reviewed another well-liked brand here, the Gaggia MDF.


3. Airscape Bean and Ground Storage by Planetary Design

My usual recommendation is to not grind any more beans than you think you will use in any one coffee making session. But, if the person you’re buying for likes to grind ahead, the Airscape vacuum seal unit is ideal.

Air is not coffee’s friend. This stainless steel vacuum canister will help keep the beans and grounds fresher longer. On Amazon, it comes in 32 and 64 ounce sizes, both available in five different colors.


4. DIY Coffee Grinder Cleaning Kit

This one will be a little project, but not too bad. Here are the 3 things you need and they can be found on Amazon.

A long narrow brush to brush out the inside of the grinder. Cleaning tablets like Grindz from Urnex for the internal mechanism and a cleaning cloth for a general wipe down. Package these up in a nice gift box and you’re all set. Make sure to include this link to my simple instructions on grinder cleaning.

5. Breville Milk Café Milk Frother

A frother makes it a lot easier to make those cappuccinos, macchiatos and other milk based drinks. Using a microwave to heat the milk doesn’t really cut it.

The Breville Milk Café will get the milk to the right temperature with the creamy texture and volume to make those drinks really stand out. It does double duty and lets you whip up a fast batch of rich, creamy hot chocolate.

All without scalding the milk.

6. PPM Sales Coffee Supplies Organizer and Coffee Center

Here’s a great way to keep the coffee station clean and neat while making sure everything is accessible. This coffee organizer can hold the basics like cups, stirrers, napkins and sugar. This model will also hold spice bottles for your milk based drinks and can be found on Amazon.

7. Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker Bundle

This is one of the most popular methods of making a delicious cup of coffee. This particular model is made in America by Kitchen Supreme and comes with a five year warranty.

It will make 42 ounces of coffee and comes complete with all the tools you need. You just add coffee. You can also make tea and fruit infusions with the French press.


8. Coffee Subscription from Bean Box World Coffee

For the adventure seeking coffee lover a monthly subscription delivers a new and different bag of coffee to their door. Every month, Bean Box will select a gourmet coffee from a different member of Seattle’s top small batch roasters.

Each batch is roasted to your order and comes in 12 ounce bag. This really is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

9. Plaka Bike Handlebar Cup Holder

If the coffee lover on your gift list is a bike rider as well, here’s the perfect gift. The Plaka coffee holder mounts on the handlebars and makes the ride a lot more fun.

This model is adjustable so it’s also great for using on a golf cart, a baby stroller or anywhere else you can use the 360° adjustable tubular mount.


10. Handpressso Pump Espresso Maker

handpresso Pump black 1 (Small) crop

For a shot of espresso on the go. The Handpresso may look small and unassuming but when you’re backpacking, camping or traveling, it does a pretty good job according to reviews.

It works with E.S.E. pods and ground coffee for versatility. Just add water and coffee. It’s also available in this attractive kit with glasses too.




11. Bodum Bistro Double Walled Espresso Cups

For the espresso drinker, get this set of four high-quality and attractive blown glass Bodum espresso cups at Amazon.  They have a 10 ounce capacity and the double wall creates a pretty cool optical illusion.

It also prevents condensation and keeps the drink hotter, longer. Heat resistant with a cool to the touch handle these would make a great addition to any coffee or espresso coffee center. They are somewhat fragile, so a little care in handling is in order.

12. Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker with Tote Bag

Here’s a great gift for the traveler, backpacker or camper. The AeroPress coffee maker is one of the most popular brands to toss in the bag or backpack. It’s compact and the plastic is reported to be BPA free.

Using the process of total immersion and then gentle pressure to make the coffee, the result is reported to be a very good 8-10 ounce cup of coffee.

Oh, and maybe just one more. . .

13. Chemex Classic or Handblown Glass Coffee Maker

One of the original pour over/drip coffee makers, the Chemex is also the only one to have won a Museum of Modern Art award. According to the company, the carafe is displayed in museums around the world.

Most owners don’t care about that.

They care that it makes a great cup of coffee. There are two styles, the Classic and the Handblown, and both are on Amazon.

The Handblown version is more expensive because it is made of thicker glass. The Classic is thinner material, but according to users, that doesn’t affect the quality. It also comes in a 3, 6, 8 and 10 cup size.

So beauty and great coffee equals a great gift. Handblown model is shown

 Got your gifts picked out?

That makes twelve days plus one that’s sure to be a hit. For the beginner coffee fan to the most devoted java head, there’s something here for them all.

Most all are from Amazon so you know you get great prices, customer service and, in most cases, free shipping. Bean Box is a direct link to their gifts page. It is an affiliate link which earns this site a small ad fee. This does not add to your price at all.


Enjoyment and surprise with zero disappointment.

Makes my list, that’s for sure.

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the coffee lover in your life?
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12 Responses

  1. Elizabeth

    I love this list. I have a client who is coffee obsessed. She comes to me for personal training and I always give her a cup of coffe to drink before her workout! Thank you so much for the suggestions.

    • meredith

      You’re very welcome Elizabeth! Hope you find something fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Roch

    There is seriously nothing quite like the smell of fresh coffee beans. As a bit of a “java head” myself, I love the idea of the Bean Box subscription and the Handblown glass coffee maker – just because it looks really cool. Also, being a bit of a coffee snob 🙂 I quite like the idea of the double-walled glasses – I have some at home without the handles – very multi-purpose actually. Thanks for the reviews – definitely some good stuff to think about.

  3. Lauren

    I’ve seen that carafe at my local coffee shop where they do pour over coffees. Thanks for linking to it as I’ve been wondering how they work and how much better the coffee actually tastes!

    • Bob

      Hey Lauren,
      According to what all the pour over aficionados say, the Chemex is the best. Chemistry in action for the coffee lover! Thanks for reading.

  4. Julie

    I was very excited to come across your website because I LOVE COFFEE and just so happens that many of my friends are addicts themselves 😉 You’ve given me so many gift ideas, especially during the holiday season. For myself I would get the bean box coffee subscription plus the Handpressso Pump Espresso Maker. Thanks for the awesome list!

  5. Martin

    I love the idea of the Bean Box coffee subscription. There are so many different coffee brands out there I never know which new ones to try. This sounds like a great way to try them out. Plus I like surprises too, I can look forward to a new surprise in my coffee mug every month.

  6. Nick

    I think this is a page full of gift ideas, great idea for people who are big coffee fanatics, like my mother haha.

    I don’t think I would want to give my mum more coffee personally, as she drinks enough, but hey, I can see the definite appeal for many people.

  7. Linda

    There are so many great ideas for the coffee lover. The Plaka Bike Handlebar Cup Holder is an awesome idea.
    It can be used for so many different things. What an excellent idea for the bike rider, golfer and etc.
    Thanks for the idea…

  8. GB

    I’m the coffee lover in my family! I shall be passing this article along to my family and friends to give them ideas for my birthday, since I missed it for Christmas 🙂 Thanks!

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