Hi there! Welcome to Wired for Coffee, I’m glad you’re here!

Want to learn more about coffee, the best equipment to use and how to brew your own best cup of joe?

Good. You’ve come to the right place.

Premiering as a community for coffee aficionados looking for their own best cup of coffee, WfC is a rapidly percolating collective of discriminating coffee lovers from all over the world.

Making great coffee isn’t difficult, and it isn’t even time-consuming. At Wired for Coffee, the talk will be about how to make your best brew at home and have a blast doing it.

I mean, why not have as much making the good stuff as you do drinking it? Right?

If you love to talk about all things coffee, you know, things like the latest coffee grinder, super automatic coffee machine, coffeeblends, beans, anything coffee, Wired for Coffee is the place to be.

We dive into equipment like coffee grinders, coffee makers, bean to cup machines and all the other great gadgets that help you make great coffee at home or the office. You’ll learn about the best machines and equipment that you can use in your own home coffee shop. You’ll come away knowing exactly what you need.

And while you’re learning about all of those great gadgets, let’s get into finding the best beans as well as the best way to grind them.

And make some coffee!

We’ll even talk about the best ways to keep it fresh, hot and delicious while you’re on the road to your destination.

Get started here and get a “grounding” on grinders!

We’ve been drinking coffee for a long time, ever since our first days in college. That was when we first noticed the really great benefits of coffee when it came to having to study for that exam.

Or at least be awake for Monday morning lectures…

From then on, coffee has been our go to drink whenever we needed a burst of energy or a good, quick refresher to concentrate and study.

Maybe you’ve had the same experience, it’s really not all that unusual. Many people have first experienced the benefits of coffee under similar circumstances.

The hitch is, it’s not as easy to find a great cuppa anymore. And it’s really expensive to boot! Even that junk stuff that gets sold as “premium” coffee.

That’s why we started Wired for Coffee. Getting weary of the old Mr. Coffee and the burnt coffee of you know who, we started searching for something better. Are you looking for something better too? Join us and let’s search and share together.

So who got this pot percolating?

Currently based in Northern California, Wired for Coffee is served up to you by a guy named Bob…

<Shoving third person out of the way>

Hey there, I’m Bob, proprietor of WfC. Welcome!

It’s a funny thing. I had always wanted to open my own physical coffee shop, but reality stepped in. See, what I really wanted was a place I could sit in all day and drink coffee. And surf the ‘Net, talk to customers and just be “cool,” ya know?

I finally came to my senses and realized to keep it going and successful, I’d have to actually, well, work!

So here we are today. Wired for Coffee is my little coffee shop on the Internet. While I won’t be selling any of that delicious coffee that we all crave, I will be serving up all the news and reviews and other information on making your best brew.

And while I am working on WfC, I still get to enjoy the coffee, talk to the customers (you) and surf the “Net!

And, it is cool.

So, come on in, pull up a chair and let’s have a nice, hot cup of coffee.