The 5 Best Burr Coffee Grinders of 2018

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Looking to step up your coffee game? Then you need a good coffee grinder for consistent and reliable results. Find the best of 2017 here.
Looking to step up your coffee game? Then you need a good coffee grinder for consistent and reliable results. Find the best of 2018 here.

The Coffee Grinder “Mystique”

In search of the best burr coffee grinders of 2018.

The journey. Sometimes it begins with a gift. In my case, it was with a bag of coffee beans…

I’d been a coffee drinker for a long time and always use pre-ground coffee. That bag of beans posed a slight problem.

How to Grind Them?

I did what most people do. I hit up the local Target and bought an inexpensive blade coffee grinder. And put up for a while with all of the chunks, chips and powder that I used to get. Not knowing this wasn’t the best way to get a good cup of coffee.

Then, through trial and error and a lot of web surfing, I learned all of the little tips and tricks of using a blade grinder. Anything on how to get the best kind of grind you could out of one of them. Continued

Make Your Best Pour Over Coffee in 2018

Curious about pour over coffee but confused over the different methods? Find out the big differences, they're not as bad as you think. From Chemex pots to Kalita Wave drippers, get on board and check out one of the most popular coffee making gigs in 2017. This might be performance art in the brewing.
Getting a great pour over coffee isn’t hard. Do it at home and skip the barista.



Ready to slow down a bit? Really make the coffee making process personal? Then learn how to make pour over coffee. It just might be your ticket to really stop and smell the, well, coffee.

Pour over has become one of the more popular methods of making coffee. It has a huge following and really does make a pretty good cup of coffee. It even shows up at the local big name coffee shops.

So it’s not entirely a snob appeal kind of thing.

Depending on the equipment you choose, it can be quick and easy or nearly a celebration of art form.

You Can Stay in a Dunkin’ Donuts Tiny House in Nahant

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Love coffee? Of course you do! Love Tiny Houses? You will when you read about this one that runs on coffee grounds.

Currently based at Bailey’s Hill in Nahant, MA, this tiny house is fully outfitted and ready for visitors!

The Tiny House that runs on coffee grounds
The Tiny House that runs on coffee grounds

Source: You Can Stay in a Dunkin’ Donuts Tiny House in Nahant

Here’s a fun video talking about how they did it:


WfC Lab: We Compare Two Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother/Warmers

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Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer
We review the 250ml MMF-003 vs. the 425ml MF-020

Don’t you just love sitting down to a fresh, hot latte or cappuccino in the morning? What’s your favorite? Is it the latte with the perfectly steamed milk? Or maybe it’s the cappuccino with the delicate cloud of foam on a wonderful mix of espresso and milk.

Whatever it is, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to wait until you hit the coffee shop before taking the first heavenly sip? What if you could do this without leaving home?

Even better, not even having to get dressed… Continued

Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder Review For 2018

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The Rancilio Rocky Review
Tough, durable and with a reputation for quality.

The Rancilio Rocky is one of the most popular coffee grinders on the market. Durable, reliable and a reputation for quality and long life. The Rocky gets great reviews from users AND vendors. For the home and some light commercial duty, Rancilio made a great entry level grinder that will last for years.
The Rancilio Rocky comes in both doser
and doserless models. The SD is shown here.

Rancilio is known in the coffee industry for quality coffee making equipment. And a solid reputation for listening to their customers. This helps in keeping that quality high with improvements year after year.

The Rancilio Rocky grinder is a case in point. The grinder has been on the market since the early 2000’s, but continues to be one of the most popular grinders sold according to many vendors.


Coffee Resources Guide for 2018

Coffee Resources Guide for 2018

Welcome to the Wired for Coffee Resources page. We’ve loaded up the page with contact information for the various manufacturers of coffee makers, coffee grinders and other coffee related equipment that we review on the site.

Now, you’ll usually find we have the contact information on the reviews, but we figure, a good collection page like this makes it a lot easier to find if you’ve got a problem. So, make sure that you bookmark this page for easy reference in the future. Continued

Baratza Vario W 986 Coffee Grinder 2018 Review

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The Baratza Vario W is weight based grinding. With the built in scale, you’ll get consistent grinding each and every time.  image

I found the Baratza Vario W grinder while scrounging around researching another topic. It all started with the following scene.

Tell me if this is familiar.

You go into a busy coffee shop or bakery that sells premium coffee. You start to place your order and then all of a sudden, it sounds like a weed whacker went off in the barista area.

You’re nearly screaming at the counter person to place your order.

Jura Capresso Impressa F7 Review 2018: Is It For You?

Jura Impressa F7
The Jura Impressa F7 is one button coffee and espresso. A flip of the switch gets you a creamy cappuccino.

Updated on March, 21 2018

Your coffee habit is costing you. Scary thought isn’t it?

And no, I don’t mean money, though that’s a concern. What I’m talking about is the price you’re paying for poor quality coffee. Continued

French Press vs AeroPress: The Monster Guide

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The French press and the AeroPress are two similar press methods that yield two completely different kinds of coffee. So the question of French press versus AeroPress is really as simple as it might seem. One is a stronger, bolder flavor of coffee. The other is milder and much less acidic. Which do you prefer?
French Press vs AeroPress. Two popular press methods but two different coffee results.

Crazy, isn’t it? Coffee is so popular and it’s everywhere. But, you don’t always want to go out for coffee.

For one thing, it’s time consuming to wait in line. For another, it’s costly over the long run. You can easily run your budget into the ground after shelling out $2-$4 or more for coffee every day.

Figure $750 – $1400. And that’s just for one cup.

A year!

So, what do you do?

Look for a good coffee maker, of course.

Man, it can make your head spin… Continued

The Definitive Technivorm Moccamaster Review

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Technivorm Moccamaster review
The Technivorm Moccamaster – built to last. KBGT741 shown.

Could it be? Can the Technivorm Moccamaster really prove to be the last coffee maker you ever buy?

It’s possible, the Moccamaster is made to be reliable and last a long time. But you might have some questions as to whether it’s really worth the $200-$300 price.

I know I did. Especially when you can buy any number of American-made coffeemakers for under $100. And when it’s just a coffee maker — no extra stuff like a grinder or the ability to make fancy specialty coffees, well, it’s something you want to look at closely.

Ready to check it out? Good.

Or are you itching to buy the Technivorm Moccamaster? Click here to get a great deal on Amazon!

Let’s take a look… Continued