Gaggia Titanium – Flexible Enough For the Home or Office

The Gaggia Titanium Coffee Center offers great coffee, espresso and milk based coffee drinks for the home or office.

Looking for a flexible coffee solution for home or office?

The Gaggia Titanium may be your answer. Gaggia calls the Titanium a Coffee Center and with good reason. Giving you control over the grind size and strength, which allows you to customize your selection of coffee drinks, the Titanium is comfortable in the home and flexible enough for a small office. Continued

What’s the Best Water for Coffee?

Clean, pure water. Good for you, good for your coffee.

Water. It’s everywhere and we don’t give it a second thought. But it’s the most used substance in almost any human enterprise.

Especially coffee making.

Did you know it makes up to 95 to 98% of the coffee in your cup?

It then makes a lot of sense to use the best, freshest and cleanest water we can find, doesn’t it? Continued

7 Ways to Find Your Coffee Love With a Coffee Sampler or Subscription

coffee subscription and coffee love
Find just the right heart warming coffee with a sampler delivered to your door.

Did you know there’s a world of coffee just waiting for you to find it?

Want to try some new or different coffees but you just don’t have the time to visit every coffee shop around?

Or maybe there’s a coffee fan on your gift list that loves experimenting with new tastes and flavors.

Want to know a secret? Continued

Jura Impressa S9: The Coffee Machine That’s Waiting for You

Jura Impressa S9
Jura Impressa S9 – Multiple selections of premium brewed coffee and espresso waiting for you

Update December 7, 2016: the Jura Impressa S9 is no longer being manufactured. However, there is now the option on Amazon of buying a refurbished Jura S9. These are available at a substantial savings. Since the Jura S9 is available on Amazon in that respect, you’re still getting all those great Amazon benefits.

The links provided in the following article link to Amazon vendors who are offering the refurbished units.

Just make sure you check their warranty information before purchasing. Most Jura Authorized dealers will offer a one year Factory Warranty.

Fresh brewed coffee in the morning is great, isn’t it? Not so great is having to get everything setup to have it all ready for you to brew.

Yes I know, you have automatic machines for your regular coffee so it’s ready in the morning. But how about your espresso? Your cappuccino? Continued

12 Best Coffee Gifts for the Coffee Lover in Your Life

holiday gifts
This year, give your java head a gift they’ll really love.

image source

Looking for the best coffee gifts for a java head or two in your life?

There are tons of gadgets and widgets of all sizes and some are actually useful. With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to beat the crowds and start shopping.

But if you don’t get any direction and you’re not a coffee person yourself, it can be too easy to get something that’s not quite right.

The thing is, it can be downright overwhelming to wade through all the coffee related stuff out there.

How do you know which one to choose? Continued

Fine to Coarse Ground Coffee: What’s the Best Grind for You?

coarse ground coffee
The perfect cup relies on the the right bean grind. Here’s how to find yours.

Updated February 13, 2017
Information overload got your coffee experience grinding to a halt?

We can all agree, it’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to making a truly great cup of coffee. There are some variables to be aware of.

One of those is the grind of coffee that you use. Continued

DeLonghi EC702: The Italian Espresso Machine for the Beginner

The DeLonghi EC702 is a great starter espresso machine. Compact, quick and under $200

Ready to make the move and try your hand at making espresso but not sure where to start? Or, maybe, it’s time to save some money on the coffee shop habit.

$4 a day does add up awfully quickly and your time in line is valuable too.

Which ever decision you may be considering, the DeLonghi EC702 semi- automatic espresso maker might just be what you’re after. Continued

Is the Gaggia MDF Grinder a Good Value? Let’s Find Out

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Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder with doser
The Gaggia MDF coffee grinder is a quality value priced grinder with doser. We review and reveal the good and some nit picky things to be aware of.

The Gaggia MDF coffee grinder may be just the ticket. For an under $300 coffee grinder, the Gaggia grinder has features that will jumpstart your quality coffee making experience. Continued

Meet the Saeco Vienna Plus’ Little Brother: the XSmall Vapore

saeco espresso
Espresso, coffee and milk based coffee drinks in a tiny package.

Updated January 18, 2016
Hey! What happened to the Saeco Vienna Plus?

After a successful run of about 7 years, the popular entry level super automatic has been retired. This could be sad news to many current users who like to recommend it, especially since the refurb aftermarket supply for the unit is shrinking.

But, not to worry, Saeco has introduced a replacement for the venerable Vienna. Continued

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