Want Better Coffee? Use a Quality Coffee Grinder

What is a Burr Grinder?
A good quality burr grinder will bring out the best in your favorite beans as they’re brewed via your favorite method.

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When you’re ready to move up to a better cup of coffee, one of your first considerations is probably going to be upgrading the type of beans you use. Maybe even start looking for a specialty roaster.

Want to know a secret? Continued

12 Best Coffee Gifts for the Coffee Lover in Your Life

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Looking for the best coffee gifts for a java head or two in your life?

There are tons of gadgets and widgets of all sizes and some are actually useful. With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to beat the crowds and start shopping.

But if you don’t get any direction and you’re not a coffee person yourself, it can be too easy to get something that’s not quite right.

The thing is, it can be downright overwhelming to wade through all the coffee related stuff out there.

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Light or Dark Roast. Which Has More Caffeine? Surprise…

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It’s morning and you need that first jolt of coffee in the morning. What do you choose? Dark roast or light roast.

Or you’re having that “discussion” with your friends about which is more caffeinated, dark or light roast coffee. And you really need to have the answer because you just want to know.

And, well, who pays for lunch is on the line. Continued

Is the Gaggia MDF Grinder a Good Value? Let’s Find Out

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Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder with doser
The Gaggia MDF coffee grinder is a quality value priced grinder with doser. We review and reveal the good and some nit picky things to be aware of.

Looking for a good entry-level grinder and don’t want to spend a fortune? But just as important, you don’t want to go on the cheap either and buy something that’s flimsy?

The Gaggia MDF coffee grinder may be just the ticket. For an under $300 coffee grinder, the Gaggia grinder has features that will jumpstart your quality coffee making experience. Continued

Meet the Saeco Vienna Plus’ Little Brother: the Xsmall Vapore

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Hey! What happened to the Saeco Vienna Plus?

After a successful run of about 7 years, the popular entry level super automatic has been retired. This could be sad news to many current users who like to recommend it, especially since the refurb aftermarket supply for the unit is shrinking.

But, not to worry, Saeco has introduced a replacement for the venerable Vienna. Continued

DeLonghi EC702: The Italian Espresso Machine for the Beginner

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Ready to make the move and try your hand at making espresso but not sure where to start? Or, maybe, it’s time to save some money on the coffee shop habit.

$4 a day does add up awfully quickly and your time in line is valuable too.

Which ever decision you may be considering, the DeLonghi EC702 semi automatic espresso maker might just be what you’re after. Continued

This Map Shows the World’s Major Coffee Producers

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Where is coffee grown? This map shows the world's major coffee producing countriesI don’t know about you but I’ve been curious as to who the big coffee producing countries were. So I did a little data diving and found out some interesting stuff.

Thing is, when you buy online or at the local coffee specialty store, it’s hard to picture that the beans can travel 15,000 miles or more depending on where you are in relation to where they’re grown.

I thought it would be interesting and fun to be able to see what kind of trip your favorite coffee has to make before it winds up in your cup. Continued

Wired for Coffee Lab: Viper Coffee Review

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Looking for a little adventure from your coffee? You may not notice it, but at some point, drinking the same selection of coffee dulls the appreciation of that morning cup.

It runs the risk of becoming the same-o, same-o and before you know it, you’re drinking tea for a change of pace.

Then it’s a rapid descent to flavored infusions. . . Continued

Mazzer Mini Doserless – Get Your Espresso, Faster

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Grind fast. Brew fast. Espresso drinker? Then you know that’s what you need for a great espresso. Over 40 seconds and you’re losing a lot of what a bean has to offer.

Speed is what you need.

But most coffee grinders that can do this sound like jets taking off when doing the crucial work.

How about quiet with the speed? Continued

2 Best Ways to Get Your Iced Coffee

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Man, it’s hot. You want something caffeinated, but don’t want the extra heat? And you don’t care for the high sugar and milk concoctions at the local coffee palace?

I totally get it.

Maybe you’ve had common iced coffee.

And hated it.

Especially if you’ve made iced coffee the way a lot of people do. By pouring coffee, straight from the pot, onto ice.

Or worse, use yesterday’s coffee.

There’s a better way.

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